Your Business and the Web

When I titled this post, I didn’t consider the massive scope of the subject.  But more importantly, internet marketing and the  tools used are an ever-changing landscape.  The chances are that I will write this article and it will be outdated before it’s ever published.  So I will focus on the aspects that have the greatest “shelf life,” and reserve the right to update and change it to keep it timely.

Perhaps the question that is easiest to answer is, “Should I have a website for my business?”  And the resounding answer is – Yes.  If you have a business, regardless of type, you need to advertise.  The internet, websites etc.  are just that.  If you are more comfortable with metaphor, consider a yellow page ad.  First you determine what info you will include in your ad, limiting yourself in most cases because of the expense.  What graphics do you use? Color or no?  This is where the metaphor goes down a different path.  The static yellow page ad is yours forever, or as long as people continue to use the phonebook.  If it’s a good ad, this is great, if not, there’s no going back.  With the website, you are able to modify, change, delete as often as you like.  Track the effectiveness of your efforts hourly, then modify your “ad” to take advantage or correct the direction your business is taking.

With the website, you can go further.  Create the opportunity for your client/audience to respond in a variety of ways.  Interacting with you around the clock.  Depending on your product or service, you can create content that supports seasonal, economic or topical changes.  Create time sensitive specials on the fly.  The possibilities are nearly endless.  Now the best part, it’s getting cheaper all the time!  In the early days, seven or eight years ago (in internet years that would be about the same time as the arrival of the Pilgrims in Massachusetts) to achieve the level of interaction available today it would literally cost thousands of dollars and content changes would be measured in the hundreds of dollars.  Now we can achieve those results for hundreds and unlimited changes can be made by the client/owner at no cost other than their own time.

If you’re not on the web, you can bet your competition is.  If your competition isn’t, you can get ahead by getting even the most basic web site.  Contact us for a free consultation.