Have you secured your own name?

Open a browser and type in “http://www.yourname.com.” Now that was pretty useless, so replace “yourname” with your name, for example: “www.johnsmith.com.” What comes up? Depending on how common your name is, you may find that there is either a placeholder page or your doppleganger’s page. If you’re lucky, nothing comes up, and you get a 404 error.  You’re probably wondering why an error is a good thing.  In this case it means there is a very good possibility that you have an opportunity to secure your name as a domain name.

If you’ve been following along and you did find a 404 error page at yourname.com, then let’s stake a claim on it before you do anything else.  Take Action!

Not convinced?  Okay, let’s examine why you should.  First it’s your name, self explanatory.  Second, prevention.  If you own your name, no one else can create a web page that might have content you don’t appreciate.  Third, and most important, you now have the opportunity to make yourself famous!

Final Note:  consider what your domain name looks like in URL format (all one word)…see examples of bad choices here.